Wednesday, April 04, 2007

They don't do windows ... yet

Most people are familiar with the story Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. Pretty much everyone is familiar with the scene where Tom is supposed to whitewash the fence and then bamboozles the neighborhood children into doing it for him. What's more, paying for the privilege.

I seem to have become a modern day Tom Sawyer, as I have discovered that Graceful and Elegant love to get the mail, thereby saving me the long, arduous schlep of 70 feet down the driveway. I only have to say, with great enthusiasm, "Elegant, how would you like to get the mail today! All by yourself!!!" and Elegant goes skipping merrily down the driveway, with me watching from the window to make sure she doesn't face plant on the way down the hill. The girls can't believe their good fortune that they get to check the mail, bring it up the hill, and sort it for me.

I wonder if I could get them to dust on a regular basis and maybe even empty the wastebaskets...

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Happy Working Mom said...

That's pretty funny! I have found little things like that for my daughter as well...anytime I have to clean the table she says "mommy, can I do it?" Why of course...knock yourself out!