Monday, April 09, 2007

Spring Break is over

Today is the first day back at school after a relaxing Spring Break. Pete and I were commenting to each other that Mondays are hard enough, but that the Monday after a break is tough. Not one minute later, Elegant asked us how many days are left until summer vacation begins. She was none too pleased to learn that there are 43 days of school left, or about 25% of the year.

As everyone was getting dressed to face the day, I started hearing a strange sound above the noise of the heater (it's about 30 degrees outside this morning). It was a roaring sound that a lot of people wouldn't have noticed, and if they did hear it, they wouldn't have known what it was. As it happens, it's something we are familiar with.

We live in a beautiful part of Virginia and hot air balloon rides are a great way to admire the landscape. For whatever reason, the prevailing winds cause balloons to float right over our neighborhood and we see a lot this time of year. Even better, they usually fly in groups of two or three and sometimes even four. They're surprisingly loud, even when they're high up. When they're over the neighborhood, we hear bursts of a roaring noise that is the pilot adding heat to the balloon to get it to rise.

I looked out the window and saw one balloon off in the distance but, based on how loud the noise was, I knew that there had to be one right on top of us. I stepped outside -- brrrr -- and saw it.
A hot air balloon was passing over our house.

Graceful and Elegant were excited to see the balloon so close and it was a nice way to start the week.

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anne-sophie said...

i love the state of virginia...
it's a beautiful part of usa...

i think a reason why i love it it's i am a fan of Patrcia cornwell's books...

and sorry again for my mistakes!!!