Monday, April 02, 2007

Randon bits of humor from today

We're visiting my father and stepmother for a couple of days. My father's illness has reached the point that he needs a lot more sleep and people in the house have to be very quiet so as not to disturb him. Obviously, keeping two energetic girls quiet all day is not going to happen, so we decided to roll down to Asheville, NC (two hours away) to see Biltmore House, which is something I've wanted to do my entire life.

Not only did we have a great time, but we also had some very funny moments, which I scribbled all over my brochure as we toured.

When we first got there, we stopped by the bathrooms. The girls didn't have to go, so I told them to stand in a certain spot to wait for me. Then I looked directly at Elegant and said, "And no peeking under any of the stalls this time." I turned around to find two older women covering their faces, trying desperately not to laugh.

We were walking through the Salon and saw a bust of Napoleon Bonaparte on a pedestal. The pedestal was tall, putting Napoleon's head at about 6'. Pete looked at it and said, "They should have made it lower."

Later on, as we were going through the Louis XVI bedroom, which was a very fancy room, Elegant commented that she really liked the decor (think "high bordello"). I told the girls they could always decorate their houses this way when they're grown up. Graceful replied, "Maybe. But I won't care how messy my house is. I'm going to be that sort of carefree woman." I turned around to see another stranger shaking with laughter.

In another room, there was a small collection of samurai swords on display. Elegant asked what samurais were. Graceful's response was, "They were like ninjas. They're big and don't give you any mercy."

As we were walking through the gardens, I commented to the girls that Biltmore House was like an amusement park for me. (I knew they'd get this reference to Pete's huge love of amusement parks.) Pete's comment was, "Oh yeah, it's just like an amusement park, only without the fun rides, entertaining shows, or anything interesting, for that matter."

We head back for home tomorrow...


Happy Working Mom said...

I've always wanted to go there...I have a friend that goes every year and she brings me back something, which is what started my desire to go.

I love it when people over hear me giving instructions to the kids and start laughing...I'm glad that I can provide some entertainment while giving my kids common sense instructions :)

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Ilove Pete! I wish we lived closer, it would be fun to hear more smart ass comments that make me spit Coke on my screen! :-) Seriously!