Friday, April 13, 2007

The one where we got cold feet

For quite some time now we've been making plans for our Dream House. Originally, this was going to be a home we'd build after the girls went off to college, but last year we decided that we wanted it to be a Family Home dammit, so we started looking around for different properties.

We'd like a smaller urban lot that would be walking/biking distance to different places in town. In an ideal world, we'd build in our current neighborhood, because we love it so much. But there are no available lots, so we started looking around elsewhere in town. We've looked at a number of in-fill lots but most were either way too expensive or next to houses that appear to have been used as props in the movie "Deliverance." No chickens or toothless scary people, but plenty of cars up on cinder blocks and piles of Budweiser cans outside the front doors, which are of course hanging by only one hinge.

A few weeks ago, we came across a lot that looked pretty good. Really good, actually. The right size. A good neighborhood. Excellent location downtown. A bit more than we'd like to spend, but not out of the realm of possibilities. We visited it several times and walked around. Checked the assessment online. Pete even went to the courthouse and copied the plat, ownership history, and other information. We could definitely imagine ourselves living there.

Then the lot and the one next to it (owned by the same person) went off the market. Having looked at the history of the property, we knew that the owner had tried several times to sell the two lots, but with no luck, so we assumed that he had just taken them off the market. During spring break we spent lots of time in the car, during we talked and decided to call a realtor. We asked the realtor to find out if the lots had been sold or not. The realtor got back to us this week and let us know that both lots were still available.

Now this is the part where I'd like to be able to say that we made an offer and it was accepted. Instead, I must report that we heard from the realtor, realized that we could buy the lot we'd been hankering for and we got cold feet.

We talked and talked and talked. (I'm really good at that, as you know). And we've decided to wait. Something about this just doesn't feel quite right anymore. Part of it is definitely the cost, which is more than we really want to spend right now.

But beyond that, somehow the timing just doesn't feel quite right. We're just trusting our guts on this one, but somehow this isn't meant to be at this time. We've always had good instincts on this sort of thing, so we've decided to wait for now.

Yep, those are definitely some cold feet.

Believe it or not, I'm not disappointed. To the contrary, I'm actually pretty happy. Relaxed, even. And, best of all, Pete has agreed to some changes in our current house that I've been lobbying for. This includes getting rid of some furniture I hate, rearranging our study, which I've been wanting for years, and buying some cool new furniture. We're also going to tackle other projects, including installing good closet organizers so that Graceful and Elegant will have better storage in their rooms. We might also finally get Graceful the bunk beds she so desperately wants. I'm definitely going to repaint our bedroom, even though I just did it two years ago, because I've never been completely satisfied with the color.

We're still watching the local real estate market. There's a new neighborhood being built that we're interested in and we're near the top of the waiting list when the lots become available. It appears that the time frame for that construction project has been moved back, which is fine with us. Gives us more time to save our money.

We don't know if we'll be here for another year, two years, or ten, but this is a good house and we like it a lot. Staying put, for now, seems like the best option for us.

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