Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's magic

So I'd really like to know what the fuck kind of tools and equipment the Floor Fairies were using and what EXACTLY they were doing while I was gone. Because, seriously? There's dust EVERYWHERE. No exaggeration. The floors are down there, yet there's dust above my head. Yes, I know I'm only 5' 3", but I'm wearing my black Danskos, which puts me at 5' 5" easily and I'm telling you there's dust at my eye level and above. I just finished cleaning the girls' bathroom and was wiping sawdust almost from the ceiling down. Now I have two other bathrooms to clean, finish the kitchen (yes, I've been wiping dust from the top of the fridge and the upper cabinets), plus I just realized that all the rugs have sawdust on them, which means I'll be wiping down walls, moldings, and picture frames. It's a good thing I just love my new floors.


Julie said...

Wood floors I take it? Found your blog via Happy Working Mom. Hope the cleaning up is bearable. Just keep thinking how much you love your floors! : )

Jennifer said...

Actually, after thinking we'd go with either Marmoleum or linoleum, we ended up with a vinyl that looks like Marmoleum. We already have hardwood in most rooms and to match a new wood with old wood would have been pretty difficult. I was worried about the vinyl smell, but we just opened the windows and the house is smell-free. And, yes, we got everything cleaned up. Even my bathrooms are sparkling from top to bottom.