Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Elegant's spin on Ruby Bridges

In February, the first graders learned about Ruby Bridges. A writing assignment Elegant did finally came home last week. The children were supposed to think about how Ruby must have felt when she was was the only African American child at her school. Here's Elegant's exact written response:

"If I were Ruby Bridges and I were the only studdent I would have to do all the other studdents work. I would feel sad. I would crawl throo the mob. I would pray one block away from the school. I would have noone to play with at reses. I could not be abel to talk to any body at lunch. I would wish that peepel were in my class."

Okay, when the children were told that Ruby was the "only one" I do believe Miss Elegant misunderstood what that meant.

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