Sunday, April 15, 2007


Well, it's over. The reunion that I've been working on for months is done, finished, and already becoming just a pleasant memory of a great weekend. The alumni had a terrific time and my bosses are happy. I'm so relieved -- and I even managed to have a good time myself.

Now it's time to get things back to normal here in Jenworld. I did virtually no cooking for the past week and certainly not much cleaning. I barely kept up with the laundry. The fridge is echoing in its emptiness.

Pete has been the sole adult in charge since Friday, as is evident around the house, which is a wreck. Nothing got cleaned or picked up. I'm not sure the children have had enough fruit this weekend to even stave off scurvy. I do know that they had ice cream for breakfast on Saturday, followed by pancakes for lunch. After I heard that, I didn't ask about anything else, although I'm pretty certain dental care was optional most days.

As a result, I'm facing a lot of catching up on all fronts. But I'm not daunted by this, oh no. In fact, I'm looking forward to regaining control.

Mom Boot Camp starts now.

There will be fruits and/or vegetables with each and every meal.

The girls will be brushing their teeth at least twice daily and flossing at night.

Someone will actually comb the snarls out of their hair and style it before they head off to school.

Laundry will be folded and stored neatly where it belongs, instead of people pulling clean stuff out of the baskets.

Toys will be put away, books will go on shelves, and stuffed animals will be unceremoniously dumped into the baskets where they're kept.

Rugs will be vacuumed. Scum will be eradicated from toilets. Dust will be wiped from all surfaces.

There's a new order in town. People will whine.
Someone will complain mightily. At least one child will quietly look into being adopted out of this family. But we will, by God, no longer live in filth and squalor, eating take out meals or frozen foods (unless I deem it allowable).

Call me Major Jen, leader of Mom Boot Camp. No, call me Major Jen, Ma'am!

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