Monday, April 09, 2007

At least her lips aren't chapped

In our house, the Easter Bunny doesn't put too much plastic crap in the girls' baskets. Like Santa, the Bunny prefers to give things that are somewhat useful, have some sort of educational value, or at least won't end up in the trash within 24 hours.

No, that doesn't mean that the Easter Bunny puts socks or math flash cards in the girls' baskets. And, yes, the girls do get candy too. We're not so cruel as to give them healthy treats on one of the greatest candy days of a kid's year.

This year E.B. gave the girls, among other things, a book, an American Girl t-shirt, some stickers, an American Girl comb (from Bath & Body Works), and an American Girl lip balm. This last item is the subject of this entry.

I came upstairs from the basement this afternoon and smelled a very strong smell. Sort of the scent of rotten berries, except clearly artificial. It got stronger as I left the kitchen and walked into the living room.

I asked the girls what the smell was and Elegant informed me that it was her new lip balm.

"How much did you use?" I asked.

"Lots!" was the gleeful reply. And yes, there was a thick sheen of lip balm all over and around her mouth, from nose to chin.

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Happy Working Mom said...

How cute! My daughter tends to put on a lot of lip gloss as well :)