Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And the winners are...

... us!

We appear to have won the Strep Throat Lottery. Whoo hoo!

Graceful is coming off of three cases of strep in six weeks and now Elegant is sick with it. Yay us!

Luckily, Elegant can have the chewable antibiotic pills instead of liquid meds. Graceful, on the other hand, is on some powerful stuff that she has to have two teaspoons of three times a day for ten days. It's so noxious that she has learned to toss her doses back like tequila shots, followed with a milk chaser. Pete said we should give her some salt and lime slices and she'll be all set. Certainly, she has now acquired some necessary skills for college.

So I'll be hanging around the house with a sick Elegant tomorrow. An excellent excuse to read on the sofa instead of cleaning or working.

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