Monday, March 12, 2007

No, it's not Tacky Day at school.

Today I allowed Elegant to wear this outfit to school. It's sort of Lily Pulitzer meets Russian housewife meets Madonna circa 1986.

Starting from the top:

Two braids, pulled back with some very ribbony hair thingies. And also dangly butterfly earrings.

On the torso, a brand new t-shirt with a sparkly butterfly, which was the impetus for this whole look. Since it was quite chilly this morning, Elegant added a pink sweater, which she fastened only on the bottom half so that the butterfly could still be seen on the top. This would be the first grade version of Clark Kent with his Superman costume underneath his business suit.

On the bottom half, we have a pink twirly skirt and yes those are pink capri leggings peeking out from underneath.

Finishing off the whole look are pink striped toe socks and Elegant's brand new hot pink and green Teva sandals we got yesterday at REI.

It takes a special kind of person to wear something so marvelous as this outfit, and that person would be Elegant the Wondergirl.

On another note, I added a new installment in the fantasy rock band late last night, so look for it in my archives.

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