Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Money, it's a hit*

The girls opened their first savings accounts yesterday; Graceful with $168 and Elegant with $110. They were both very pleased, because now they'll be earning interest every quarter, at the whopping rate of 1.25%. They just can't believe what smart businesswomen they are. I told them that Pete and I would deposit $10 in their accounts every time they hit the next hundred dollar mark. At $500, they'll have enough to buy CDs and Graceful is already anticipating that greater level of interest earning.

So now both girls have passports and savings accounts. They think they are quite mature and definitely cosmopolitan. Their lives would be utterly complete if we'd allow them to use our cell phones on a regular basis. Even better -- if we bought them their own. As if. The icing on the cake would be if we also picked up a couple of iPods when we purchased the cell phones they're not getting any time soon.

Last night, Elegant came huffing and puffing into the living room, complaining because she "only" had $41.68 in her wallet, which is more than many adults carry around, including her father. Then she realized that the credit union had charged her a one-time $5 membership fee and she was really irritated. I informed her that I had personally paid the $5 and that it had not come from her very own money. So then she went back to griping about the dearth of funds in her wallet and how she might need more money soon. I explained -- again -- that we can always go back to the credit union and get money from her account, which satisfied her. I'm not sure exactly what her spending needs are but she seems to think she has them.

(* from "Money" by Pink Floyd)

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Laura said...

I'd like to apply for a loan . . .