Monday, March 26, 2007

A little gross

It was time for Elegant's shower the other night. Pete followed her into bedroom to keep her focused and on task. He happened to notice some, ahem, dirty underpants on the floor and asked why they weren't in the laundry basket.

Elegant, "Know why these panties are on the floor?"

Pete, "Because you forgot to throw them in the laundry?"

Elegant, "No! The reason why they're not on my butt."

Pete, "Why?"

Elegant then launched into an explanation of how she was so busy playing with her new Leapster -- then a parenthetical aside with a happy sigh, "I love my new Leapster." -- that she accidentally pooped in her underpants.

So, in short, she was so excited she crapped her pants...

By the way, we're now calling the Leapster (a somewhat educational pseudo-video game) the "Crackster."

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Lori Anderson Designs said...

Oh my, I believe I crapped my pants laughing at this!