Monday, March 26, 2007

Isn't Sunday supposed to be a day of rest?

We had an unbelievably full weekend and I'm thrilled that we got so much done, because our 'to do' list for this spring is scaring the crap out of me.

Here's a summary of all that we managed to do in two days:

  • I got up early and dashed over to the SPCA, as I blogged about on Saturday. After that adventure was cut short, I ran several errands in the space of two hours. During all this, I was fielding calls from various relatives about their plans to come visit the new baby.
  • While I was running errands, Pete fed the girls breakfast and then drove them out to the farm where Graceful has her riding lessons. Elegant played on the playground during that time. Afterward, they ate lunch out.
  • Once I got home, I changed the sheets on all the beds and started laundry. Then I took the girls to their swimming lessons while Pete installed a new light above the kitchen table.
  • After swimming, we swung by the house, picked Pete up at the end of the driveway, and drove to the carpet/flooring store to order new floors for the kitchen and all three bathrooms.
  • My mother and stepfather stopped by the house after an afternoon of admiring the new Grandboy. We looked at the photos they'd taken and then they headed for home.
  • Pete cooked dinner while the girls and I had a quick visit with a neighbor and then gardened for a little while.
  • Mercifully, we had a quiet evening.
  • More house projects. I continued painting the kitchen cabinet doors. I'm still not done. Sigh...
  • Pete installed a new sink/counter/faucet in the girls' bathroom while I attacked some bushes (flora, not presidential families) with tools.
  • Pete went to the grocery store while I got cleaned up.
  • I went to the hospital and met Micah who is truly quite cute and clearly realizes that Aunt Jen is the Greatest Aunt Ever. He's so cute that even his little cries are adorable. I changed his poopy diaper and he got so pissed, but it was hard to take him seriously as he was just so darn cute.
  • More laundry and painting after dinner, while Pete took Graceful to the doctor at 8 p.m. Another case of strep -- two weeks after the last one -- and an ear infection. I sent out several emails to cancel anything I had going on today, since I'll be home with a sick child. I also checked my work email and spent some time on a work project.
  • Once we got Graceful to bed, we read on the sofa until it was time for bed.
Is it any wonder that I'm tired on Mondays?

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