Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Important to remember

I have now learned the following:

1. That my six-year-old does not automatically assume that a plate is necessary when eating her snack.

2. That honey and peanut butter on graham crackers, while a very tasty snack combination, is a very messy snack. Very very messy.

3. That just because my husband is 15 feet away from the six-year-old Julia Child wannabee, doesn't mean he's actually paying attention to what's going on in the next room to which he has a clear and straight view of the cooking action.

4. Did I mention that honey and peanut butter are very messy? Especially when there's no plate involved?

5. It takes a lot of scrubbing to get honey and peanut butter off of the top of the table, the edge of the table, the legs of the table, underneath the table, the chair in front of the table, the countertop near the table, and the recently-painted cabinet under the countertop that's near the table.

6. Honey and peanut butter are really sticky. Have I mentioned that yet?

On a similar note, eight-year-olds think that there's nothing wrong with finding a great rock outside, bringing it inside to wash, and then drying it off with the fluffy white towel hanging next to the bathroom sink. Mothers, on the hand, think differently, especially when they've told the aforementioned child not to dry rocks on white towels. Mothers can be mean when angry and tell the child to take the dirty rock back outside where it belongs.

Is it any wonder that I bitch so much about cleaning?

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