Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I wish I had Elizabeth Taylor on speed dial...

Ohmygod. OH. MY. GOD.

So just this very morning, I posted an entry that talked about guys and their fantasy football/basketball/any sport leagues.

Check THIS out:

Yes you see that correctly. Now any armchair sports fan can get a class ring for the fantasy sport of his choice. That means that even though Bubba Joe Shiflett didn't make captain of the football team, he can still order a hunk of gold for his finger and thus impress the laydeez.

I demand parity! I demand to be treated fully as well as Bubba Joe and his buds. Therefore, as a rock goddess, I want some big honkin' diamonds, such as the ones found here:

Unfortunately, you can't shop by diamond size, but even if you could, there's no such size as "big honkin'."

Happy shopping!

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