Friday, March 16, 2007

Here comes the bride...

There's nothing quite like being married 15 years and then going back and finally watching your wedding video. Sweet Jesus we were young! And thin. I do miss that part more than the young part. Even the backs of our necks (the vantage point of the amateur video) look young. And thin. We were such babies. Good hell, Pete still had his retainer.

My parents were young too. Hang on, let me do the math here.

[pause, as this will take some time...]

Okay, the four of them range in age now from 55-59, so that means they were 40-44 then. Like, not that many years older than Pete and I are now (37 and 38 -- I'm the younger one, in case there's any question). Granted, my parents got started on child birthing quite a bit earlier than we did but still...

My father is the one who's killing me. Back then, he had a glorious head of brown hair with hardly any gray. He was largely unwrinkled. Contrast that with his current head of thinning grey hair with hardly any brown and loads of wrinkles. To be fair, his battle with cancer has aged him considerably in the past year but still...

So anyway the video was a blast from the past that thrilled Graceful and Elegant. Except that they got a bit bored. I offered to turn off the video, but they held out. It turns out that they were waiting for the kissing part, at which point they started hooting and hollering and generally acting like they're six and eight, which they of course are.

I think I'll go rub some anti-wrinkle lotion on my neck.

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StLmom said...

Oh, my yes. We were children (18 and 19) when we were married almost 18 years ago. Now 36 we are somewhat rounder, greyer (two kids, 17 and 10 will do that), and yes, wrinklier. What were they thinking, our parents, our friends, to allow us to get married at that age?
Teenagers. What are ya gonna do?
Of course I have no cred here, when my eldest decides (let's hope not) to run off an marry before he's a more reasonable age.