Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Bermuda Triangle -- Virginia location

We appear to have a black hole somewhere in our house. How else to explain the sudden disappearance of various items over the years? I'm not talking about mere socks, oh no, the list of missing items is random and bizarre.

It started back in 2000. Graceful was a typical toddler who loved Fisher Price Little People and we happily bought her different sets. One day, however, we realized that all of the people were missing from the circus set. Every single one. We had the animals and the accessories, but none of the circus freaks. In all the times I've emptied closets, toy bins, cabinets, etc. I have never come across the missing people. On the other hand, none of the Little People from other sets disappeared, so it's possible that the circus freaks ran off to be in the real circus.

Not long after that, a set of spoons went missing. I had bought some extra spoons to supplement our flatware and the entire set just disappeared. Every last one of them, but not the spoons that were part of our main set of utensils. Never found. I've long wondered if perhaps the circus freaks took the spoons with them, as the timing was about the same.

A couple years ago, Graceful's doll Seema, who was brought to her by her grandparents after a trip to India, disappeared. I remembered within a couple of days of when I'd last seen her and called every family who had visited our house for a playdate within that time. I had even patted down one little girl before she left, as she had a tendency to, ahem, borrow toys when she was here and take them home, where they would surely have a better life with her. Nothing. Pete actually went through every single drawer, closet, cabinet, box, and every possible nook and cranny in the entire house. No Seema, although Pete did find some other stuff I was hiding before I hauled it off to Goodwill.

One day I got out of the car and walked up the porch steps to the kitchen. Somewhere in that 15 feet, I lost a pair of prescription sunglasses. Thinking they had fallen onto the ground next to the porch, I even searched the pachysandra that's planted around there. Nothing.

Recently, several beach towels disappeared. I remember that the girls were playing beach with them, so I went through the girls' rooms. I searched under their beds, in their closets, in all their backpacks and bags. Nothing. That one just bugs the crap out of me because it's hard to imagine how a stack of brightly colored towels could just go missing. Maybe the circus freaks came back to get supplies for a beach trip.

Oddly enough, we never lose socks in the laundry.

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