Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The band shrinks and expands

It looks like Nick has dumped us and is going back to Duran Duran. I can't think why he'd do that, unless it's because the Bail Babes raided his make-up kit and left him with only a few eye shadows in last year's colors.

Luckily, I'd already asked someone else -- a real bonafide woman -- to do keyboards: Lori, who was already lined up as our official Bling Provider (www.lorianderson.net). We've known each other since we were in elementary school , so I can promise that Lori is a good person who'd never steal another band member's groupies. And, since Lori's married, we can now add Rick to our stable of roadies.

Lori wants to add the Charlie Brown theme song to our play list, which I think is a most excellent addition. We'll have her play it right after we perform "Stairway to Heaven." Definitely a shift in style there, but it should be a breath of fresh air.

Lori has invited Hugh Laurie (Get it? Lori/Laurie. Cute!) to be her personal groupie and Hugh has accepted with such speed and eagerness that I'm wondering just what it is that Lori that said to Laurie. Being a groupie is hard work, so I just hope Hugh understands what his duties will be, such as foot massages and morning trips to Starbucks to pick up caffeine.

So here's how the band is shaping up so far:

Lori - keyboards
Che - lead guitar
Melissa (plus Jennifer Junior in utero) - bass
Jen - percussion
Gamma Ass, Crazy Aunt Laura, and JW - Bail Babes

I've got invitations out to two other fabulous women and I think that the Babes are looking for another woman or two to add to their number, so we're going to have a real crowd of women when we play at Bonnaroo and Madison Square Garden.

My word, those Tiffany class rings are going to set us back.

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