Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Bail Babes explain their jail stint...

Crazy Aunt Laura explains the Bail Babes' recent arrests:

"Well, geez, you said that you PLANNED on the BB's getting into trouble supposedly you even budgeted for it--so why are you complaining about those silly Tiffany rings when we were just doing what we were created to do? It could have been much worse and you should be grateful we didn't besmirch the reputation of the entire Womanstock band. In a way, we actually represented the band in a very positive fashion, kind of like community outreach. The male artistes were very happy that we joined them and the bride, well, she was just having some pre-wedding jitters. I felt bad for her, I really did, because we all know those stripper guys MUCH prefer mature women. (The theory behind that is we have more moolah to stuff in their G-strings, which is not the case with the current BB's but if we keep working on it or expand our recruitment efforts it might change)."

Okay then, carry on.

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