Saturday, March 03, 2007


I have not had a full night's sleep for almost a week. I've been getting to bed late and then the sun has been waking me earlier and earlier -- usually around 5:30. So I've been tired lately.

Last night, Graceful's friend Addie stayed over. We allowed the girls to stay up until 10. I foolishly hoped that they would sleep in a bit this morning so that I could get a little extra sleep. I somehow snoozed until the very late time of 7:27. I woke up at that exact time because that is when three girls came rushing in to alert us that there was a Very Big Spider on the stairs and that we needed to go to Def Con 5. Pete and I sleepily told them to smoosh the spider or just step around it.

The girls stepped out into the hall to discuss strategy. For the next six minutes, they brainstormed a variety of methods for killing the Very Big Spider. There was even some sort of invention involving a variety of parts that allowed them to kill from afar. Pete and I were listening carefully as the girls trooped off to reconnoiter the situation and come up with a plan. We fully expected one of them to hit the spider with a shoe, but that it would be a girly hit and that the spider would start running for cover. We waited for the high-pitched screams of terror. Nothing happened.

I got up to check on the situation. The girls had moved into Graceful's room, on the bed, safe from harm. I told them I would deal with the spider myself. I mean, come on, how big could it be? I grabbed some paper towels and went into Terminator mode.

The end of the story is that the spider is dead, very dead. The middle of it is that the spider really and truly was quite large and it took a lot of stomping to make it as dead I would like.

Yuck. Now I have chills and feel a bit creepy. I wish I were still asleep.

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