Thursday, March 22, 2007

Animal kingdom

Elegant has a subscription to Ranger Rick magazine, which is all about animals and nature. In a recent issue, there was one of those Cosmo-like quizzes that helped the girls determine what animal they were most like. Graceful came out as a koala and Elegant as a raccoon. (I read the quiz and didn't see how this was derived, but then again I'm not the target audience.) The girls loved this and have since done quite a bit of pretending involving their respective animals, particularly when we walk to school.

Walking the girls to school involves keeping them focused and not letting them stray. Otherwise, every dandelion would have to be picked, every interesting rock collected, and all dogs and cats petted.

Yesterday was garbage day in our neighborhood.

The girls were pretending to be their patron saint animals. Graceful would pretend to climb every tree we passed. Elegant would scurry around pretending to scavenge for scraps. Pete and I were behind them, keeping a watchful eye on things, but also talking to each other. We noticed that Elegant was messing around, but not with, a trash can that a neighbor had pulled out to the curb. I was about to fuss at her to stop but then she scampered off. Pete and I looked at each other in confusion when it suddenly dawned on us, raccoons are notorious for getting into trash and Elegant was merely playing her role.

Those two girls never cease to amaze and amuse me.

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