Saturday, February 03, 2007

Screw the ruby slippers, Dorothy needed these.

Living with Elegant means learning a lot about fashion and accessories -- at least from the perspective of a six year old.

Why buy plain old white sneakers when you can get the pink and silver Hello Kitty ones? They will truly help a girl run faster and jump higher in P.E.

Why wear boring silver stud earrings when you can wear jeweled butterflies that sparkle in the sunlight? (Thanks to Crazy Aunt Laura for finding those.)

Why wear a scarf on a cold winter morning when a hot pink feather boa is so much more cheerful?

And so on.

Elegant's wardrobe is a many-splendored thing. T-shirts -- in a variety of colors and patterns. Leggings -- multicolored, to be worn alone or under dresses and skirts. Dresses and skirts in all the hues of the rainbow -- except black, grey, and brown -- natch. Then, there are her shoes. Pink suede ankle boots. Mary Janes in black with gemstones and blue with flowers. Crocs in four different colors. And the dress-up clothes for playing: Ball gowns, tutus, tiaras, fancy gloves, capes, and specialty gear, such as cowgirl hats, knight armor, and clown accessories.

This sartorial splendor occasionally extends past bedtime, past the tucking in and kissing, and into the time when Elegant should be asleep. If she can't fall asleep immediately, she apparently thinks about fashion and how she can liven up her Strawberry Shortcake PJs. Or at least, that's what we think. Pete and I aren't exactly sure. All we know is that it is mandatory for us to check on her every night before we go to bed and undo what she has done.

Several times, we have had to remove bracelets from her wrists and pry rings off her fingers. We've found necklaces, capes, and other things around her neck. Plastic dress-up high-heeled shoes on her feet. A cell phone tucked into the waistband of her underpants. Sometimes she's gotten warm and stripped down to her Hello Kitty underpants. One night this week we came in and discovered that she had put a hot pink silk scarf around her head and tied it under her chin. She looked like she was channeling a punk Russian grandmother while she dreamed.

I personally don't fly that way. I wear a lot of black, occasionally livened up with khaki or denim. A fashionista I am not. But I understand what gladdens a little girl's heart and will help her out with the purchase of great clothes and accessories when I find them. Imagine my great pleasure when I found the shoes shown above. And they were only $15.

Lord help us when Elegant becomes a teenager.

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