Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Red Alert

A sure-fire way for an eight-year-old to incur the Extreme Wrath of Mommy is to say the following, after being first asked to do something and, after refusing, told sternly to do it:

"I really don't care what you want me to do."

In the first few seconds after Graceful uttered that statement, there was total silence, as my errant child realized she was in a heap of trouble. In that same few seconds, my shock at her impudent mouth froze my brain cells, which meant I couldn't actually speak or move, only show emotion, which was somewhere on the level of Code Red of anger.

The consequences were a very long quiet time in the bedroom with no reading or playing while I cooled down and resisted my urge to smack some butt. After that, I asked for and received a heartfelt apology from Graceful for her rudeness. Then she was informed that she would be having an early bedtime -- at the same time as her younger sister, which was galling for her -- and there was no Lying Down Time with Daddy to talk about whatever things crossed her mind.

I suspect this won't happen again for a while. At least a day or two.

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