Saturday, February 17, 2007

Give my regards to Lindsay Lohan

A few weeks ago we let the girls watch "The Parent Trap" -- the newer version with Lindsay Lohan. This was of course the pre-rehab Lindsay. It's nice see her at a time when she was still young and innocent.
No drugs, no alcohol. She hadn't even started messing with her hair color yet. The girls LOVE this movie and have watched it about a half dozen times already. They're quoting it daily and, while I've had to excise "Ohmygod" from their lexicon, three good things have come from the movie:

1. Elegant has just about perfected her British accent, which is of course a critical life skill. She's a natural mimic and her accents are getting better. This will be particularly useful if she ever has to live life on the lam or becomes a spy.

2. The girls are branching out more and more from animated movies to ones with real people. While I definitely enjoyed the Disney princess era, it's nice to be watching less saccharine fare. Generally speaking, the G and PG movies we're watching now show girls as strong and intelligent. Much better than Cinderella, who's insipid and has no gumption. When she can't go to the ball, does she get mad or get even? No, she sits by the fire, singing to talking rodents, and doing nothing to better her situation.

3. The girls, Elegant in particular, admire Lindsay's braids in the movie. I loved braids when I was a kid and I've been waiting for years to be able to braid someone's hair. Both girls asked for braids the other morning and I happily complied. Graceful had hers in long enough to take a picture and then she took them out. Apparently she had a problem with the fact that I'd pulled her hair so tight that I gave her a face lift and her eyebrows were stretched almost to her temples. Elegant, on the other hand, has worn braids daily and they look just so darn cute.

So I'd like to thank Lindsay Lohan for being a positive role model, no matter how brief a time it was.

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