Thursday, January 25, 2007

Games Smart Kids Play

Graceful and Elegant were playing some game that involved traveling around the world. Every time they reached a new location, they changed their wardrobe to match the local fashion. They wore saris in India, tribal clothing in Africa, some sort of rainforest garb, and then togas in Rome.

Then they started to pretend they were in Egypt.

Graceful said, "Okay, we have to put on new clothes."

Elegant, "We have to change clothes AGAIN?" [big sigh]

Graceful, "Yes, or else people will think we're freaks and we'll be chased."

Elegant, "Oh, well we don't want THAT to happen." [whispering] "I don't want
anyone to think we're freaks or to chase us."


Later on, same game as above...

The girls were pretending to worship Ra, the ancient Egyptian sun god. They told Pete he had to join in, and Pete declined.

They came to me and I cut them off at the pass by saying, "I'm not worshiping 'whosie woozy.' "

Graceful looked at me and said, no kidding, "Mommy, you're so weird."

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