Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Doing our part...

Whenever possible, we try to buy organic, including paper products and cleaning supplies. I recently bought a pack of cheap generic toilet paper for a Girl Scout activity (wrapping each other like mummies). There was plenty left over, so I tossed it in the cabinet with the rest of our organic TP and figured we'd use it up ourselves.

I should also note that Whole Foods toilet paper and others like it are not the softest on the heinie. Not sandpaper, but also not cotton balls.

Pete noticed the leftover toilet paper and commented approvingly that it was pretty soft. I reminded him that when we buy organic, we're not only doing right by our bodies and our children's bodies, but also making a statement with our money, blah blah blah, eco rant, etc.

Pete's response, "So we're saving the world one raw ass at a time?"

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