Tuesday, March 04, 2008


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What a bummer.

The females of Jenworld love candy, chocolate in particular. We all have our favorites for each season and Easter is no exception. One that we particularly like is Cadbury's Mini Eggs. How can you go wrong with milk chocolate covered with a candy shell? It's like M&Ms, but just a little different.

This year, Cadbury's introduced DARK chocolate Mini Eggs. (Or maybe they've been around and we're just now noticing.) I was so damn excited when I heard and couldn't wait to try them.

Alas, my excitement turned to disgust after one bite. The chocolate was cheap (after all, Hershey's is the American distributor) and was oily. I can't describe it any better than that. They tasted like ass, plain and simple. Yuck.

Has anyone else tried them?

At least she's honest

It is generally not a good sign to get an email from a teacher at 3:20 in the afternoon. When one does come into my inbox, I know to brace myself.

Yesterday I received an email from Elegant's teacher. Apparently El had a hard time focusing and completing her work yesterday. Duh -- it was Monday and it was 64 degrees outside. She was also a little disrespectful when the teacher took her aside to talk to her about her work ethic. Actually, she was more than a little disrespectful; apparently she ignored the teacher and wouldn't look at her, which is a sure sign that Elegant knows she's done wrong but doesn't want to admit it.

When I got the email, I asked Elegant how her day went. She immediately looked suspicious and asked, "Did my teacher email you?" I said that she had and asked Elegant to tell me what happened. Elegant's response was, "Well, you already know everything, so there's really nothing more for me to say."

As you can imagine, there were repercussions in Jenworld. The absolute worst punishment in the world for Elegant is making her write, followed closely by having to apologize or admit that she did something wrong, so last night she had to write a note of apology to her teacher in her very nicest handwriting. The first attempt was not acceptable, as it said, "I am sorry. I did not lissen because I was bored." The second letter was a bit more remorseful.

So hopefully today will be a better day for my girl. What would make it stellar is if she paid attention AND found her glasses, which have been missing since last week.


Monday, March 03, 2008

A shameful confession

Have I ever told you about my love/hate relationship with Tom Jones?

[Pretend there's a photo of Tom here.]

I don't understand why people think he's so hot. I think he's repulsive. The man actually turns my stomach. I can't stand looking at photos of him. If I had a choice between standing next to Tom Jones or a rattlesnake, I'd think my options through carefully before deciding.

But some of his music is enjoyable and gets in your head and Just. Won't. Leave. I won't actually buy a CD because that would involve having liner notes with his nasty face on it, but I do love it when I hear "What's New Pussy Cat" or "She's a Lady" in a movie.

(It just only now occurred to me that I could download some songs from iTunes.)

(Hmmm... I'll be back in a few minutes.)

Okay, it appears that iTunes downloads include a photo of the musician. Even though my iPod screen is only two inches wide, I'm going to have to think about this. I wouldn't want Tom's ugly mug breaking my stride when I'm on my walk.

So if you feel like starting your week off with some campy 1960s and 1970s tunes, click here, here, and here. I'll be over here doing the same -- with the speakers on and the computer screen off.

Such a shame

The Boy came for a visit yesterday.

He was not cute:

The Boy was having some hair issues yesterday.

His cousins did not enjoy him at all:

Pat-a-cake is the best game ever!

He obviously did not have a good time:

Best. Toy. Ever.

So he looked for an easy escape from Jenworld:

Low windows are good for little dudes.

And, for the true Micah fans (Hi Mom!), some video: